Microcemento® MORE INFORMATION Microcrement® by Topcret is a versatile covering that practically covers all types of surfaces, creating avant-garde environments and giving spaces spaciousness, modernity, sophistication and durability, both indoors and outdoors. Baxab® Microcement MORE INFORMATION The most evolved microcement on the market Get your TOPCRET license More information
TOPCRET is a leading company in the production and installation of Microcement and coatings applicable to floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen furniture, exteriors and swimming pools.

What is microcement?

A versatile covering, ideal for creating environments full of sophistication, Creating unique spaces, both inside or outside, A modern versatile product that can be used on floors, walls and all kinds of surfaces. A material that stands out for its elegance.


Microcemento® Original
All kinds of work. Great versatility.

Maximum quality

Superior hardness

Great variety of Colors

Unique Textures



Baxab® Microcement
Premium work. The Toughest microcement on the market

Three times more scratch and impact

Extreme Hardness

Great variety of colors

CRED shield and BCED layer.

Recommended for high traffic.


Elegance, firmness and high technology. Topcret creates a trend in the world of interior design with the development of its flooring materials.
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Waterproof and resistant to temperature changes. Smooth or rustic finishes. Warm and attractive environments. The smart choice for indoors and outdoors.
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Custom designs that create trends. Nothing so noble is so moldable. Microcemento® and Baxab® apply and adhere to any surface.
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Swimming pools

Design with high applied technology. Topcret has developed in its Innovation laboratories, exclusive products and treatments for swimming pools.
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Waterproof and resistant to temperature changes, Topcret microcements achieve continuous surfaces of great beauty on the outside, combining interior spaces with exteriors, thus creating a feeling of spaciousness and extension.
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Kitchens and Bathrooms

Nothing matches the elegance and strength of the microcement. Even in wet areas, Topcret's material qualities perform at their best.
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Hotels and Shops

Topcret perfects the architecture of large surfaces with materials of high technological quality that are resistant to heavy foot traffic.
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How can I buy it?


Contact the nearest TOPCRET office and get information adapted to your project.

Develop your business with TOPCRET

Topcret offers professionals the possibility of commercializing their micro-coatings through a collaboration adapted to your needs.

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Clear all your doubts

Clear all your doubts

Why should you choose Topcret over the competition?

Topcret is a leading company and pioneer in the production and installation of cement-based coatings. His experience, after almost two decades in the market, not only resides in the high technology applied to its products, if not also in the high level of training and specialization of its applicators (staff on staff formed by Topcret). 

Topcret also makes a difference with its exceptional Warranty Program and Reobra Insurance that covers both the quality of the materials and the application, the two factors that determine the success of the microcement.

Where in the world are Topcret products available?

Topcret is available on all continents. With physical presence through their Licenses In more than 16 countries, Topcret can reach anywhere in the world.

Who performs the installation?

All Topcret products are installed using their own applicators. Topcret Staff receive continuous training in both operating and product response techniques and in techniques for perfecting aesthetic finishes.

Is it possible to buy microcement or Topcret material for another freelance professional to install?

No, it is not possible. Professionals trained by Topcret are specialized in the application of Microcemento® and Baxab®. Topcret not only guarantees the quality of its products but also that of its installation, therefore it does not sell the material to external professionals. Contact your delegación nearest Topcreta for more details.

I want to check the quality of the products. How can I do it?

To check the quality of Topcret products, you can visit one of the company's showrooms, where you can see all the microcements and coatings and appreciate their finish, color and real textures.óYou can also visit a Topcret facility near your location. On the Topcret website you can check the credentials of Microcemento® and Baxab® they have different quality seals thators becomes exclusive products. Both the Guarantee and Insurance Program, which certifies In writing the quality of the material, as the experience of the company's customers for almost two decades, guarantee the quality of Topcret products and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Can the price of the product and its application vary depending on the material on which it is placed?

The cost of applying any microcement or coating does not vary depending on the surface on which it is applied. There can only be an additional cost in the event that, due to an exceptional deterioration or irregular condition of the surface to be coated, it is necessary to previously apply a self-leveling agent or some extra layer of microcement base. In these cases, the customer can choose Topcret services or can request a separate one.

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