5 Most used colors of Microcement

Discover which are the most used colors and get inspired for your next remodeling project with pigmented microcement coating.

Different types of flooring: how to choose the best one for the interior

Know the types of soils that exist and how they adapt to the needs of each project

5 Keys to reform or build bathrooms with microcement

Discover how to plan your bathroom remodeling or construction project using microcement coatings

5 Mistakes to avoid when combining colors

Find out what the most common mistakes are when selecting a range of colors for decorating environments when applying microcement to surfaces

Successful application of microcemento® on radiant floor heating

I discovered the alternatives to install radiant floors and what are the processes to apply Microcement on electrically heated floors

How to clean and maintain microcement surfaces?

Know the steps and the right time to easily clean microcement surfaces after coating

Steps to clad microcement stairs

Learn what are the steps to cover stairs with microcement cladding and achieve environments with modern aesthetics that you are looking for

5 steps to apply Baxab® on old tiles

Find out how you can cover floors and walls with old tiles using the new Baxab® formula.

How to match your color scheme with your microcement floor

Microcement offers a unique style that cannot be easily replicated. Provides an effect similar to cement, ...

Design and energy efficiency: The keys to a modern floor

Having a resistant floor is something very necessary in your home but also in your business. To the…

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