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What is microcement?

Microcemento, currently one of the world's most popular types of decorating materials, is a coating that consists of a high-performance cement-based material in which polymers, ultra-fine aggregates, additives and natural color pigments matching the desired shade of the finish are gradually added.

The result of this process is a material that has an extraordinary adhesion to almost all surfaces.

For this reason it is commonly used to cover concrete, mortars, tiles, plaster, cement, tiles, metal, stoneware, plasterboard or plastic, just to name a few materials. Its great finish, texture and versatility has enabled it to become one of the materials preferred by decorators, since it fits perfectly to the needs of each project.

In addition, since it is not necessary to remove the existing coating in order to use this material, much of the construction costs are saved. The old material can serve as a base on which the microcement will subsequently be applied without any problem, until a layer between 2 and 3 mm thick is obtained.

What type of maintenance does Microcemento require?

This material is very easy to maintain, since it cannot be stained if the sealing and waterproofing process has been carried out correctly. However, periodic maintenance is necessary to ensure greater durability and better amortization of its aesthetic properties.

Simply clean with water and neutral soap, although the ideal if the microcement is placed on the ground is to renew the protective layer of the material by applying self-shine waxes diluted in water.

What is the difference between the microcement and the smoothed cement?

While the microcement is a low thickness coating (approximately 2 to 3 millimeters), the smoothed cement has a thickness of between 5 and 7 centimeters. This means that the structural weight of the microcement is incredibly lower than that of the smoothed cement.

On the other hand, smoothed cement requires expansion joints, a characteristic that the microcement does not share. In addition, the latter can be placed both vertically and horizontally without any problem.

Although the application of the microcement has begun just over a decade ago, in recent years its use has spread widely throughout the world, which is why we believe that betting on the microcement will be the key for those who need to do Some renovation at home.

Topcret esta presente en Casadecor Madrid 2017

En el 25 Aniversario de Casa Decor, Exposición de Interiorismo más Exclusiva de Europa, TOPCRET está presente en el espacio Blossom Suite, 4ta Planta. Topcret ha revestido el suelo con BAXAB, color blanco roto con incrustaciones. Ven a visitarnos en el corazón de Madrid, en el exclusivo barrio de Los Jerónimos, Antonio Maura nro. 8.

Te esperamos!!

Negocio de éxito: franquicias Topcret

Eleazar Jaramillo es el claro ejemplo de éxito dentro de las redes de franquicias que Topcret ofrece con sus Licencias Silver y Gold.

Nuevo Showroom en Suecia

Topcret inaugura nuevo showroom en Suecia. MCF Sweden AB aprovecha la oportunidad de negocio en tierras escandinavas de la mano de Topcret.

Topcret presente en la feria Grand Designs Live London

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Topcret premiados al pavimiento del año

La revista interiores, una de las revistas más prestigiosas de interiorismo, diseño y arquitectura, premia Topcret con el Premio Pavimiento del año 2015.