Guarantee and Insurance

Topcret's commitments.

Topcret® guarantees in writing the quality of the product and application of Microcemento® and of Baxab®.


Zero Cost Guarantee

Topcret undertakes, according to the explicit conditions of its Guarantee and Insurance Program, to repair or replace free of charge for a period of 3 years, the material that is defective. This guarantee also extends to the application.

The company uses high quality raw materials, designs its products in its own laboratories, manufactures them in its facilities and applies them with its highly trained personnel, following the highest quality standards. Thus, it guarantees the traceability of the process from start to finish.


Rework insurance

From the first contact to its after-sales service, Topcret® offers its customers the maximum advantages so that the service is complete before, during and after installation.

In addition to the Zero Cost Guarantee, Topcret® has among its services the exclusive Repayment Insurance, through which, according to the definitions of the Guarantee and Insurance Program the client can access a lifetime bonus to redo his work whenever he wishes.

This insurance covers all those cases that are not contemplated in the Zero Cost Guarantee, even if there were no defects or accidents, such as a color change on the applied coating.