Microcement Bathrooms

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diciembre, 2017

Microcement, known for some years now for being the coating that offers the most possibilities for construction and renovation, is also one of the materials that architects and decorators are currently choosing the most when it comes to bathroom design.

The best energy rates

Undoubtedly, having a heated floor allows you to save on your energy but, in any case, it is always a good idea to check your electricity and gas tariffs, in case you are overpaying on your electricity and gas bills. But how can you do this easily and conveniently? To contract gas and electricity you can use a tool such as an energy comparator, which is the tool where you can contract the cheapest natural gas and electricity, as it filters the results according to what you are looking for. And so that you don't have any doubts, we leave you with this article explaining how to contract gas:

On the other hand, if you arrive for the first time at a home where the utilities have not yet been activated, you will have to register for electricity and gas. Remember that the price for registering gas and electricity is the same with any supplier (Iberdrola, Naturgy, etc.); however, while the cost of electricity is the same throughout Spain, the price for registering gas varies in each autonomous community. Once the application for natural gas and electricity has been processed, the supply will be available within a maximum of seven working days, not including Saturdays or Sundays due to childbirth.

Why choose Baxab® or Summery?

We have mentioned at the beginning of this article that Baxab® and Summery floor coverings are energy-saving and highly resistant, but these are not the only characteristics that make them the best choice for your home, especially because of their energy savings. Below we show you some of their many advantages:

Babax®: With a robust, sophisticated and durable finish, Babax produces beautiful, well-designed surfaces that are waterproof and hard-wearing at the same time. They are perfect even for renovation work, a time when the home is undoubtedly undergoing a lot of stress, especially the floor.  

Summery: It comes installed with an ultra-slim and completely safe heating system, even in the kitchen and bathroom, which are particularly humid areas. In addition, it produces no CO2 emissions and has a virtually unlimited lifetime.

However, the floor alone is not enough. That is why we show you in this article how to implement energy savings.