3 Mile Beech

The 3 Mile Beech resort in Cornall was building 17 new high specification custom vacation rentals. The specification was to have a seamless flooring system at all properties. The bathrooms also had to have a seamless product that could also be installed on the walls and floors.

The system Topcret it was placed in 1 week which allowed the access of other trades, which expedited the program of sites.

The solution of Topcret was to apply a two-layer system of epoxy resin with an elastic mat to give a firm base on which to place the BAXAB® from Topcret on the floor.

In the bathrooms, Topcret devised a system whereby MICROCEMENTO® could be used on the walls and where the wall meets the floor. A tank system was used to allow products to flow smoothly across the floor avoiding the use of unsightly caulk around the edges. The advantages of this system over the screed / tile system is that when using the system TopcretEach floor and wall was placed in 1 week, which allowed access to other trades, streamlining the site program.

The additional benefits of using Topcret is that they came up with a new system that met customer expectations and also showed cost savings.