The Hotel K in Kensignton It had an existing tiled area in the reception, lobby and restaurant areas. What was needed was a value engineering solution that was in line with the hotel's new brand. The conventional approach would have been to break up the tile floor, excavate 50-100mm, fix any problems that might have occurred in this process, lay a screed, and put a suitable flooring system on top of that screed. This would have meant that project costs and time would have been stretched.

The solution Topcret consisted of fixing the broken / cracked tiles and sealing the floor with a stretch mat and epoxy resin.

The BAXAB® microcement from Topcret can be applied directly on the existing surface. This was to act as the basis for the product of BAXAB® microcement from Topcret. One of the main advantages of this system over the traditional rule is that when using the BAXAB® microcement from Topcret, it could be applied directly to the existing surface at a fraction of the cost in materials and time. Furthermore, it meant that the customer was able to quickly resume operations because BAXAB® it is ready to be used 24 hours after installation.