Marshall ST

This project is a remodel of an existing 14,000 square foot office building located off Carnaby Street in the heart of Soho. On the ground floor, they created a new office entrance foyer along with a new 1,400-square-foot foyer. Retail unit facing Marshall Street. The scheme consists of the retrofitting of Cat A offices on the upper floors ready to be occupied by the new tenants.

The floor levels were uneven and the surface was uneven with holes everywhere.
The building was stripped of its reinforced concrete structure. This meant that the floor levels were uneven and the floor surface was uneven with holes throughout. The conventional solution would be to pour the screed to the required height and place a system of floors on top, but because this would have to be placed on all 5 floors, the costs and logistics of bringing the screed to these floors would be economically unfeasible. . . The screed option also had a negative effect on the duration of the project due to the required drying time.

The solution of Topcret was to place a quick dry self-leveling screed on the base of the floor, this was to level the floor and raise it to the required height. Subsequently, we apply a two-layer system of epoxy resin with an elastic mat to give a firm base on which to place the BAXAB® from Topcret on the floor.

The system Topcret it was placed in 1 week, which allowed access to other trades, streamlining the site program and generating cost savings.
The advantage of this solution over the screed system is that when using the system Topcret, each floor and wall was laid in 1 week, allowing access for other trades, speeding up the site's program. The added benefit was cost savings.

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