About Us
TOPCRET is a leading company in the production and placement of Microcemento® and coatings suitable for floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen furniture, exteriors and swimming pools.

About Us

Topcret was born from the initiative of two young engineers who chose to break away from the vortex of the construction sector by creating their product Microcemento®, a cement-based micro-coating that would revolutionize the field of both design and interior design. When professionals in the sector were looking at new construction, Topcret provided an innovative element that offered the possibility of carrying out radical refurbishments with minimum environmental impact, and without generating rubble or waste. With limited investment capability, defying the crisis that affected the sector, but with great work capacity, effort, organization, vision and control of their first projects, we came to organize the company that we are today: more than 25 workers, a subsidiary in London, 45 franchises spread over five continents and an innovative product, unique in the market (Baxab®), which has separated us from the competition since our launch in 2014.

In Topcret, we are now setting ambitious but realistic goals. The intense activity of our I+D Department, constantly improving the product, places us as leaders in the sector. The continuous search for client satisfaction is the driving force behind our continued growth as a company and our humble contribution to society. Therefore, we have implemented the ISO 9000 standard, which will keep us on the road to excellence in service and quality.

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Mission: Achieve a greater national and international presence by being a socially responsible company. In order to accomplish this goal, our strategy in the coming years will be based on complying with environmental, sustainability and energy efficiency standards, both in our products and facilities. In this respect, we have obtained the ISO 14000 certification. Another goal is meeting the legal requirements in terms of work safety and ensuring this with all available means. To this end, we have been certified with the strict OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards.

Values: Are based on concepts such as the reconciliation of work and family, the continuous support to our affiliates, and the permanent technological update to always remain a young and modern company adapted to its environment and its time.

On this website, we introduce our company and conveyperiodically our entire team our appreciation for all the work they have done and the excitement for the road that lies ahead of us.