Micro-cement for baths

Micro-cement, known for some years as the coating that offers more options for construction and renovation, is also one of the materials that architects and INTERIOR DESIGNERS choose for bathrooms.

Why micro-cement in the bathroom?

It is no coincidence that interior design professionals have opted for micro-cement when creating and renovating bathroom decorations. There are several reasons why choosing this coating is the best option:

  • It is not necessary to remove the existing material to apply it, which reduces the cost of the refursbisment and avoids wasting time in the removal of debris (and thanks to that, it is not necessary to request a construction permit for this kind of works).
  • It offers a seamless surface without joints, which not only greatly facilitates cleaning, but also offers a greater sense of spaciousness (something that in small bathrooms is essential).
  • Offers great adhesion on almost any surface. it is perfect for bathing (since people with reduced mobility or a disability will be able to reduce the risk of slips and falls).
  • Micro-cement surfaces have a minimum thickness of approximately 2mm. Therefore, it does not require lowering doors and levels much more easily with other materials.
  • It offers infinite possibilities of finishing and personalization, which allows this material to adapt to any style of decoration that you may want to implement.

Topcret, specialists in decorating bathrooms with micro-cement

Coatings of Topcret, and in particular micro-cement, can be used without any problem in areas such as the shower, furniture or washbasin without fear of moisture deteriorating the coating. In addition, micro-cement can be applied both on tiles and on uncoated walls, which allows completely changing the decoration of a bathroom without the need of complicated handworks.

Proof of this is the bathroom that can be seen in the image, whose floors and walls have been completely covered with micro-cement. On this occasion the decoration of this bathroom, sober and elegant, fits perfectly with the style of finish that has been applied to the micro-cement covering.

If you want to incorporate micro-cement to any of your projects, contact us and we will advise you on everything you need, without compromise.