Microcement, the perfect coating for outdoor surfaces

Beauty, luminosity, resistance and quality are just some of the advantages that this kind of coating offers to outdoor surfaces. Microconcrete guarantees maximum versatility, as it can be applied without the need of removing the previous materials or coatings that covered your floors before. It does not need joints, and can be installed even on parquet or wood.


Microcement applied to outdoor floors

Elegant, clean, and very resistant, it offers an added value as this coating prevents the spread of moisture, improving the durability of the floors in areas distinguished by its damp environment (regardless of whether in your garden there is a pool or it rains often).

Although it has become popular by its advantages as a coating for indoor surfaces, its specifications also make the microconcrete an ideal solution for outdoors, enriching the appearance of the entire environment especially for the diversity of colours and textures (wood, stone) that can be chosen.

The coating especially used on terraces is recommended in both modern and classic decorations, due to its easy adaptation to all styles. Also, the continuous microcement pavements in outdoor floors are applied simply, quickly and without the need for renovation works.

This material has become so trendy by its simple preparation and placement on any surface as well, whether it is smooth or porous, avoiding moisture as the microcement coatings are considered an impermeable product.


Advantages of the continuous microconcrete floor for outdoors

Due to the action of the elements over time, gardens and terraces often end up becoming places whose surfaces are quite deteriorated. Microcement guarantees a high resistance to both heat and moisture, an advantage that makes this coating an ideal option for all kind of outdoor surfaces.

Placing microcement ensures hygiene, absence of moisture, modern colours and perfection in the outdoor areas where the elements could entirely destroy your beautiful decoration. And its versatility allows its application on the floor of your terrace, the walls of your pool or the furniture of your garden.

Topcret is a leading company in the production and installation of Microcement and coatings applicable to floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen furniture, exteriors and swimming pools. If you would like to know more about the solutions that we offer in order to cover your outdoor surfaces with microconcrete, contact us and we will advise you on any question you may have, no compromise.