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How to choose the best one for the interior?

How to choose the best one for the interior?

Know the types of soils that exist and how they adapt to the needs of each project.


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When choosing the most suitable type of flooring for the interior of the home, it is important to take into account factors such as the desired aesthetic effect, the warmth or coldness that it brings to the environment, its maintenance, installation cost and durability.

It is recommended to select floors always preferring versatile and durable materials. There are many types of flooring made of different materials on the market. Below we will give you a guide to help you when choosing:

Resin floor

The resin floor has self-leveling qualities, it is made of a thermosetting polymer which hardens when mixed with a catalyzing agent. It is a highly durable material which is waterproof and abrasion resistant among some of its outstanding features.

It is easy to apply and has a clean finish. providing a continuous and smooth finish. One of the characteristics is its versatility, since you can apply it on existing floors such as ceramic tile, terrazzo, wood or concrete floors. The resin floor can be used both indoors and outdoors, and due to its high resistance it can be used in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Wooden floors

Wood floors in general are good insulators for both temperature and noise, wood is a highly appreciated material for interiors as it generates a feeling of warmth and comfort. However, it is a material that can easily suffer scratches and deteriorate in the presence of humidity and water leaks, which can seriously compromise its integrity.

Granite floor

Granite is one of the most used materials to design countertops, interior and exterior wall and floor tiles. Thanks to its resistance, ease of maintenance and functionality. It is not generally used on bedroom floors because it is a material that does not bring warmth to the home, but on the contrary, it adds a cold sensation and is usually used more in hot places such as the kitchen or living room.

Ceramic floor

Ceramic is a very versatile material, easy to maintain, resistant to humidity, resistant to high temperatures and easy to install. What we must take into account when we talk about ceramic floors is that it is a material that provides coldness and has a high cost. It is generally used in the kitchen.

Microcement floor

A microcement floor is a pavement without joints resulting from the union of a liquid polymer with a specific cement mixture. Among its benefits we can highlight that It provides a harmonious and continuous feeling thanks to the fact that it does not have separations, this makes it very easy to maintain and clean., and stands out for its resistance to humidity.

At TOPCRET we have developed our own microcement formula with which we can offer a product that comes in a wide range of colors, can be used on multiple surfaces, is very resistant and has a low installation cost. Our microcement is suitable for underfloor heating systems and with only 3 mm thickness it does not add weight to the surface.


Depending on the characteristics of the space where you want to remodel or start a project, there are types of flooring that fit your needs and budget.

However, it is necessary to highlight the durability of granite, the versatility of the resin, the tradition that ceramics bring and the ease of applying microcement as it does not have to start works in the spaces, part of continuous finish, elegant that adapts to offices , homes or businesses.

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