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5 keys to reform or build bathrooms with Microcement

5 keys to reform or build bathrooms with Microcement

Discover how to plan your bathroom remodeling or construction project using microcement coatings.


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The bathroom is a place to relax, so it is important to take into account a good distribution of space and choose colors that are harmonious. Another important thing that we must take into account when renovating the bathroom is the presence of water and humidity, therefore we must use resistant and high-quality materials such as microcement.

Next, we will provide you with a series of tips to get the best possible result for your renovation or construction project from scratch when applying a microcement coating on bathroom surfaces.

1- Plan the organization of objects to achieve breadth

The bathroom is often the smallest area of the home, because of this, we must optimize its size. For this, the first thing we must do is have measurements and consider the different points of light.

It is generally recommended to leave a distance of between 60 cm in front of the toilet or sink so as not to hinder the passage. Microcement is an ideal coating to create a feeling of spaciousness and give the perception of a larger bathroom, thanks to the continuity finish, the microcement provides a feeling of spaciousness, as well as the choice of light colors help to achieve this effect and a harmonious sensation. At Topcret we have an availability of more than 40 colors, textures and with the handcrafted finish with a trowel, with our Microcemento® high quality and beautiful surfaces are achieved.

2- Continuous floors and walls for greater cleanliness and continuity

Bathroom countertops must please decorative tastes, but must also withstand the water and humidity present in the bathroom. Options such as ceramics, marble or tiles are generally available on the market. Our microcement meets everything desired, having a plus in the lack of joints, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and facilitates cleaning. It can also be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces giving more options in its use.

Remember to follow our tips for cleaning and maintaining this coating

3- Prefer between shower and bathtub

The choices thought in the environment have gained ground, for this reason the shower takes the lead reducing with a three times lower consumption of water. This does not happen in large bathrooms, where convenience and comfort are the focus.

4- Choice of furniture

Sanitary ware and furniture are as important as the decoration we choose for bathroom floors and walls. The choice of such furniture will depend on the style we want to give our bathroom. Classic toilets are associated with a more vintage style while the most modern ones, being more ecological, go hand in hand with minimalist or even eclectic spaces.

In the sink we have options that range from built-in, countertop and compact… Each of them in various types of materials such as resins, glass, natural stone, microcement and ceramics.

5- Lighting thinking about balance and harmony

Lights are essential to create an atmosphere, the placement of the lighting must be taken care of and must be planned. There are many options ranging from ceiling lamps, halogens, wall lights or around the mirror.

Natural light always has an advantage over the rest. It is generally interesting to have a frontal light source on the mirror to illuminate the face, while in the rest of the room a less intense light is usually used and thus create a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. We can also play with colors: for example, the microcement with all light colors reflect and multiply the light while the dark ones absorb it

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