Topcret and the Casa Brava

A Success in Harmony with Nature.

Success Stories

Topcret and the Casa Brava

A Success in Harmony with Nature.

Success Stories

Casa Brava

Product: Baxab® and Microcemento® | Colour: Paint to Sample

Contemporary architecture often faces a fundamental challenge: creating structures that harmonise with their natural surroundings while minimising their visual and environmental impact. The Casa Brava project, designed by GCA Architects, represents an exceptional success story, thanks to a collaboration with Topcret and its innovative use of microcement.

Casa Brava is set in a beautiful location, with panoramic views of the Mediterranean and lush natural surroundings.

The main challenge of the project was to adapt the building to the rocky terrain without compromising its natural beauty. The design team sought a solution that would allow the house to blend into the landscape, minimising its visual and environmental impact.

Topcret, a leader in the continuous microcement flooring industry, became a key partner in this challenge. Their expertise in applying microcement and ability to create durable and aesthetically appealing surfaces made them the ideal choice.

Microcement was selected for 3 key reasons: versatility, natural aesthetics and sustainability. Baxab® was used on the floors for strength and Microcemento® Rustico was used on the walls to blend in with the landscape.

Microcemento is a versatile material that can be applied to various surfaces, from floors to walls. This allowed the design to spread evenly throughout the house.

It also offers a polished concrete appearance that blends in perfectly with the rocky surroundings of the Costa Brava. The colour created specially for this project resembled the coastal rocks and the sea, creating a visual continuity with the surrounding landscape.

Finally, the application of microcement is an environmentally friendly process, with low resource consumption and minimal waste. This aligned with the project’s commitment to minimising its environmental impact.

In short, the collaboration between the architect, Casa Brava and Topcret resulted in an exceptional success story in architectural design. The choice of microcement proved to be the perfect solution to adapt the building to the terrain and minimise its visual and environmental impact, achieving a harmonious integration with the Costa Brava coastline.

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