Microcement vs Venetian Plaster: Which one is better?

Microcement and Venetian plaster are two popular choices for achieving unique and captivating finishes in interior design projects. Both materials come with their own set of advantages and factors to ponder, making the choice between them a crucial decision for designers and homeowners alike.


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Understanding Microcement

Microcement is a versatile decorative coating applied to various surfaces like walls and floors, creating the look of concrete or polished concrete. While formulations may vary, microcements typically consist of a blend of cement and resin.

After mixing, it’s applied in thin layers (around 1-2 mm each) and sealed with a polyurethane finish in matte, satin, or gloss. With a thickness of about 3mm, microcement presents advantages such as easy installation, reduced labour requirements, and minimised tooling expenses.

Its versatility extends to covering both vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoors and outdoors, making it suitable for floors, walls, furniture, stairs, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Exploring Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is a premium wall and ceiling finish crafted from plaster blended with marble dust. Applied in thin layers using a spatula or trowel, it’s then burnished to achieve a smooth surface. Traditional Venetian plaster may include sand, imparting a unique texture to the final result.

Various techniques like marmorino, scagliola, or sgraffito offer interior designers versatility. Marmorino and scagliola produce luxurious, marble-like finishes, while sgraffito allows for the creation of intricate 3D patterns by scratching off layers of coloured plaster.

Microcement vs Venetian Plaster: What is the best option?

Microcement and Venetian plaster are both popular choices for interior surfaces, each with its own unique characteristics.
While Venetian plaster boasts a rich history dating back to Roman times, microcement is gaining recognition for its modern durability and versatility.

Microcement, known for its seamless, industrial appeal, offers superior resistance to cracking and impact damage compared to Venetian plaster. Additionally, microcement’s thin application reduces weight and labour costs, making it a practical choice for various design projects.

When considering the best option between microcement and Venetian plaster, the durability and contemporary aesthetic of microcement make it the best choice for modern design enthusiasts.

Similarities between Microcement and Venetian Plaster

Despite their differences, microcement and Venetian plaster share several key similarities that make them popular choices for interior design projects.


Both microcement and Venetian plaster offer unique textures that add visual interest and depth to surfaces. Whether applied in smooth, polished layers or textured finishes, both materials can create stunning visual effects that enhance the overall aesthetic of a space.

Thin Application

One of the notable similarities between microcement and Venetian plaster is their thin application. Unlike traditional materials such as concrete or stone slabs, which require thick layers for installation, both microcement and Venetian plaster can be applied in thin coats, reducing weight, debris, and labour costs.

Colour Options

Both microcement and Venetian plaster allow for the incorporation of various colours, offering designers flexibility in creating custom finishes. Whether opting for natural earth tones or vibrant hues, both materials can be tinted to achieve the desired colour palette, enhancing the overall design scheme.


Microcement and Venetian plaster are versatile materials that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including walls, floors, ceilings, and even furniture. Their adaptability allows designers to explore creative possibilities and experiment with different applications, from feature walls to decorative accents.

Ease of Maintenance

Another similarity between microcement and Venetian plaster is their ease of maintenance. Both materials are relatively low-maintenance and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Regular upkeep, such as dusting and occasional resealing, helps preserve the integrity and appearance of the finishes over time.

Key similarites

  • Unique textures that add visual interest and depth to surfaces.
  • Thin application reduces weight, ebris, and labour costs.
  • Customizable colour options enhance design flexibility.
  • Versatile applications on various surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Low-maintenance finishes that are easy to clean and maintain.

Differences between Microcement and Venetian Plaster

While microcement and Venetian plaster share similarities, they also have distinct differences that set them apart in terms of aesthetics, durability, application, and cost.

#1 Aesthetic Distinctions

While both materials offer distinct visual experiences, microcement emerges as the epitome of industrial chic, reminiscent of polished concrete. Its smooth, seamless finish exudes modernity, subtly overshadowing Venetian plaster’s traditional elegance, akin to polished marble.

#2 Durability

When it comes to durability, microcement takes the lead with its renowned resistance to cracking, making it a stalwart contender for high-traffic areas. Conversely, Venetian plaster, though durable in its own right, may succumb to wear and tear over time, especially in moisture-laden environments.

#3 Complexity

Microcement, with its specialised ingredients, demands a more intricate formulation compared to Venetian plaster, which uses conventional materials. Microcement achieves a seamless finish through multiple layers, sealed with polyurethane. In contrast, Venetian plaster achieves texture by delicately layering thin coats. Microcement’s craftsmanship and innovative application techniques position it as a premium option for luxury design projects.

#4 Cost Considerations

The luxurious finish of Venetian plaster commands a higher price tag compared to microcement, making it a more costly option for projects.

Key Revelations

  • Microcement’s industrial minimalism eclipses Venetian plaster’s elegance, setting a new standard in contemporary design.
  • Microcement stands firm against the test of time, offering superior durability and resilience compared to Venetian plaster.
  • While microcement commands a premium due to its specialised ingredients, its unmatched quality justifies the investment for discerning enthusiasts.
  • The meticulous application process of microcement elevates it above Venetian plaster, epitomising precision and innovation in modern design.

In essence, while Venetian plaster boasts a rich heritage and undeniable charm, microcement emerges as the frontrunner, subtly surpassing its counterpart with its unparalleled blend of style, durability, and craftsmanship.

Explore the possibilities with microcement and redefine luxury in your living spaces.

Insights from Industry Experts

Industry experts emphasisze the importance of proper planning, material selection, and qualified installation when working with microcement or Venetian plaster.

Case studies, such as the IHT Headquarters project, showcase the transformative power of Microcement in creating captivating interior spaces.

Key Considerations in Application and Maintenance

Proper application and maintenance are essential for ensuring the longevity and visual appeal of microcement and Venetian plaster. Industry tips highlight the importance of colour sampling, qualified tradesmen, and suitable sealants to protect and preserve the finishes over time.


In conclusion, the comparison between microcement and Venetian plaster reveals a nuanced landscape of choices for interior design enthusiasts. While both materials offer unique advantages, microcement emerges as the epitome of modernity, boasting superior durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Its seamless finish and industrial chic allure redefine luxury in contemporary living spaces, making it the preferred option for discerning homeowners and designers seeking timeless elegance with a touch of innovation.

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